The Dog – Part VI, Dogs Devotion

This is the final part of Chapter 1 of “The Dog” by William Youatt.. While this book was published in the mid-1800s, there is still much that remains unchanged today, including the Dogs devotion to its master and family, and sometimes to its fellow dogs.

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The Dog – Part V, The Faithful Dog

We continue discussing “The Dog” with this discussion of the faithful dog.

In Part IV we discussed dogs used in the chase of prey, or the hunting dog. We continue Chapter 1 of the book with some stories about the faithful dog, being true to their master, even when separated by time or death.

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The Dog – Part IV, the Hunting Dog

The hunting dog shows up late in the history of the dog.

In Part III, we discussed how the dog was treated and referenced in both ancient mythology and in the Bible. While revered in Egyptian mythology, the Bible appeared to be less kind, even lumping the dog in with other unclean beasts. This really was not as bad as it sounded, though, since unclean really referred to not eating them.

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