Things To Consider When You Are Switching To Raw Dog Food

Raw food is the preferred food type for your pets. Raw food diet is close to what they used to get in the wild. Dogs have wolves as their ancestors, therefore, the eating habit of dogs still resemble the older style of the wolves. Although, there are many advantages of feeding them on raw meat, there are still hazards attached to this feeding practice. The owners need to understand that feeding their pets on raw pieces of meat is not enough. The selection process of a balanced diet involves an insight into the nutritional needs of your pets. There are some germs found in the raw meat which can make your pets ill.

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Health Tips for your Dog

There are tons of dog lovers out there. But like in the case of us humans, just love is not enough. Now if we look at humans, we need food. And in a healthy regime, junk does not count as food. In the same way, sometimes what we so judiciously cook and feed our fury darlings, is not the same as what’s best for their system. We of course mean well, but they need to be fed certain foods raw, so that the amino acids and enzymes get to them in the right amount, resulting in a healthy immune system.

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Leave Your Dog Home! Car Temperatures Kill

As we reach the Memorial Day Weekend, I am amazed at how many times I read about people who have left their dog in the car while they go shopping! The outcome is predictable, yet many dog lovers fall into this trap. Please leave your dog home! Don’t fall into one of these traps.

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