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My Dachshund is Meaner than Your Pit Bull?

A recent study on dog behavior was conducted by Deborah Duffy and James Serpell of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society, and Yuying Hsu of the National Taiwan Normal University. This study consisted of surveys both on recognized breed clubs and an online survey. Surprisingly, the results from both sources tended to agree!

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Clicker Training Video Explains Why It Works!

Zak George is a 29 year old dog trainer from Georgia, who also spends some time going out and showing off his trained dogs and how he does the training. While going through some of his videos, I found the one below which I really wanted to share.

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Another Dog Related Blog?

Hello, my name is Rodney Blow, and I am a dog lover!

I maintain the website. My only qualifications to maintain a website about dogs is my love for them, and my willingness to research and learn more about dogs, their care, and their mannerisms.

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