Know What is the Right Food For Your Dog

When you bring a dog home, you are not only bringing an animal but you are adding another member to your family. In no time, that little thing will be running around the house with full authority. Your job is to take proper care and make sure that your little one stays away from the diseases.

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Are You Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet?

For years millions of Americans have fed their dogs commercially prepared dog foods. While most people still prefer the convenience of feeding a ready to eat dog food, other people believe that feeding their dogs a diet that replicates what their ancestors ate in the wild is a healthier option. If owners believe the latter, it is important that they learn how to make a raw food diet for dogs.

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New Puppy? 4 Must Do Training Areas to Consider

If you just brought your new puppy home, or are about to, you are probably letting her get away with many things… you’re to busy playing with her and showing her off to family and friends. This can be a big mistake! Training a new puppy needs to start at day one. Rules and boundaries should be established and taught as early as possible.

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