The Dog – Part III, The Dog In Myth and Bible

There are many references to the dog in myth as well as in the bible.

In Part II, we discussed the similarities between the dog and the wolf, and concluded that there was a high probability that the dog was a descendent of the wolf. This was based more on the basis of the ability to cross-breed the two species, but not on scientific evidence. Today, there is much more that science can do to either prove or disprove the theory, but that is for another post!

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The Dog – Part II, Origin of the Dog

In the last post, we started discussing mans use of animals in general, and the difference in how most animals associated with humans with the interaction of the dog. The dog, while used for many of the same tasks, would, after completing those tasks, follow their master into the house, and could truly be considered a friend, a companion, and a protector.

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The Dog – Part I, Early History and Classification

In the mid 1800s, William Youatt wrote a book discussing the history, zoological classification, and medical recommendations titled simply “The Dog”. Since the copyright has long ago expired, there have been several versions reprinted, which you can find on such places as Amazon. However, if you are interested in reading the book, along with a little commentary from me to update old beliefs, etc. and are willing to get it in smaller chunks, I plan on presenting the first half of the book here on my pages. The second half of the book is dedicated to veterinary science at the time, and I will not be publishing that piece of the book, as the science has advanced way to far in that regard.

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