Feral Dog Rescue: The Dog Rescues Hummingbird

When you think about dog rescue, you know aggressive behavior means no rescue.

They said the dog was feral…he attacked other dogs. He survived the streets for years.

With his history, it was almost impossible to find a loving home, but one man saw past that and adopted him.

So what does this once unadoptable dog do? He rescues a hummingbird, what else?

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Popular Dogs List for 2016 Announced by the AKC

Three days ago, AKC announced the most popular dogs in the US, based on registrations in 2015. The Labrador Retriever maintained its spot on top, a position it has now held for 25 years! I decided to give my other love (writing poetry) a go in describing the top 5 with a little bit of rhyme, so here goes!

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Sloughi, New to AKC Hound Group in 2016

Earlier this month, I discussed how the American Hairless Terrier and the Sloughi became recognized breeds in the AKC. I gave a lot of information about the American Hairless Terrier, but delayed discussing the Sloughi until now. I will discuss a brief history of the Sloughi, some of its temperament qualities, and some health concerns below.

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