Dog Carved Pumpkins

Tommorow, many of us will be celebrating Halloween, a night for tricks, treats, costumes, and carved pumpkins!

I just got an email from my older brother which contained about 15 different pictures of dogs standing or sitting near pumpkins that had been carved in their image. Just thought I would share some that I thought were particularly clever. I hope you enjoy them, and perhaps become inspired for next years celebration.  ;)

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Dog rescue: good for both the dog and you


Puppy at the Animal Shelter
Image by bossco via Flickr

I came upon this blog post/article today, and it really hits home.

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That paper shredder is a danger to your dog!

I was just reading one of the newsletters I subscribe to and saw a safety tip that I just had to share. It warned about the potential for your dog to get its tongue or hair stuck in your paper shredder, with potentially dangerous results.

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