9-11 Search and Rescue Dogs – Let Us Never Forget

Today we observe the 15th anniversary of those fatal attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. But as we remember all those we lost on that infamous day, let us not forget the extremely important our best friend (the 9-11 rescue dogs) played in its aftermath.

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Dog First Aid Kit What to Include

Have you thought about having a dog first aid kit? The health and safety of your dog is without a doubt extremely important to you as a pet owner. But, dogs are curious creatures.¬†They can get into a myriad of things they shouldn’t, leading to illness and injury.

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4 Dog Training Tips from Expert Dog Trainers

Yes, another post about dog training tips!

How do you train your dog?

For new dog owners, it can be a tough question. People without experience in this type of field don’t really know what’s going to be most effective.

There are so many questions about just feeding and sheltering a new dog, that training questions can kind of go by the wayside.

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