Use That Pooper Scooper or Else! We Have your Dog’s DNA!

The Rotunda, a condominium in Tysons Corner, Virginia, is now requiring all new residents who are also dog owners to provide a DNA sample of their pets. Why? So if you fail to use your pooper scooper to clean up your dog’s mess, they can test the waste and hit you with the expenses. Here is what the condominium statement says:

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Advantages of Raw Dog Food

Are you facing trouble in finding the perfect food type for your dog? The market is full of a wide array of food options for the pets, but the natural ones are the most favoured one. People are increasingly getting aware of the disadvantages of feeding commercial pet foods and turning to other alternatives. In terms of the health benefits, the natural related forms of food are preferred by the dog owners.

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Top 3 Dog Food Brands

There are many brands in the market which provide dog food. People while selecting the diet for their dog need to always rely on branded dog foods. What are the healthy dog food brands that you can trust when it comes to your dog’s health? If you want your dog to live a high quality of life then the top 3 dog food brands listed in this article will help you achieve that:

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