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Destructive Dog Behavior

Inside every bad dog there is a good dog trying to get out; with the right changes in your behavior, your dog's behavior will change as well. Here are the 4 most common dog problems and how to deal with them:

Peeing in the wrong place

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed a distinctive scent? Have you ever found a puddle on your new carpet? My all time favorite is running to the phone and slipping in a puddle of doggie piddle. Inappropriate urination can be a sign of territory marking, particularly in male dogs.

Excessive Barking

You can hear it from a mile away, an enthusiastic, hearty dog bark. Yet when it is your dog, the incessant barking is decidedly not so charming. This can upset the neighbors and even cause an all out neighborhood bark-a-thon.


For adults it's annoying, for children its bowling with them as the pins. When small dogs jump it generally does no damage but larger dogs can cause harm to kids and even adults. Jumping is usually just caused by over excitedness.


Nothing makes your friends and family want to run away faster than the growler. Dogs growl when they are angry, jealous or in pain. If your dog growls often then you can see a vet or behavior specialist.

All of these problems can be solved by asserting your position as the alpha dog through the following behavior changes in you:

When you first walk in to the house, ignore them for 5 minutes, no enthusiastic greetings, do not praise or encourage them immediately.
When you feed them or give them water, you eat or drink first.
There must be a no dogs allowed room in the house.
Always be on a higher level than your dog, the least dominate dog seeks the lowest point in the room.
Many dogs will become and alpha dog if they think you aren't the one in charge

Dogs are called mans best friend. If they can overlook your morning breath you just might be able to live with some of their "annoying" behavior. At the end of the day you have to decide, do you have a little naughty in you and is that what you love about your dog?

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This is your chance to add your feedback. Do you have any tips in breaking your dog of destructive behavior? Or maybe you have more questions that either Dog Nation or another of our visitors might be able to help you with? Feel free to add your comment or question below.


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