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There are millions of people bitten by dogs every year, half of them children. It is important to make sure that your dog does not exhibit biting behavior.

It is easiest to train your dog if you get your dog as a puppy. All puppies love to use their teeth to play. If puppies bite too hard when playing with their littermates, their playmate will let out a "yelp" and will stop playing. This is how puppies learn not to bite.

If your puppy uses your hand as a chew toy you should firmly say "NO" and turn away. The puppy will then get the message that biting behavior will not attract playmates.

Properly socializing your dog before 4 months of age will produce a well adjusted dog that is used to different dogs, people, sounds, and situations. If your dog is not afraid of something, he will not bite it in fear or anger. Run the vacuum cleaner, have people knock on the door, take him for a ride in the car. Expose your dog to all sorts of situations before he is 4 months old so that he will not react out of fear and bite someone.

Exercising your pet is also a great way to reduce aggression, at any age. Making sure that your dog gets enough exercise each day is an effective way to prevent unruly behavior such as biting. Taking your dog for a walk also introduces ways to effectively manage such things as: distractions, things they might fear, or territory disputes. This is an excellent time to train your dog to listen to your commands instead of acting on instinct.

Good training at a young age, socialization, and continued exercise are great ways to reduce the chance that your dog will exhibit biting behavior.

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