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Understanding Dog Behavior

Understanding dog behavior can be a challenge but is a necessity if you wish to maintain a great relationship with your dog, not to mention a manageable one!

There are several aspects which influence a dog's behavior. Every dog is an individual so there is no blanket solution for behavioral problems. We can however address some of the various factors of dog behavior including:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Past Experiences
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Health


There can be remarkable differences between male and female dog behavior. Males tend to be a little more aggressive (although females of certain breeds are definitely not shy violets) and dominating. Males like to mark their territory. You may desex your male dog to lessen this territorial behavior.


The age of your dog very much influences its behavior. Puppies will tend to be very playful and energetic whilst older dogs will prefer to sit around more. Regardless of age, exercise is an important part of every dog's life.


Certain breeds are simply more aggressive than others whilst other breeds may tend to be lazier or more playful. If you want a guard dog then opt for a German Shepherd whilst if you love active dogs then a Siberian Husky may be your choice.

Past Experiences

If you have adopted a pound dog then often you will not know what it has been through or why it ended up at the pound. Just like people, dog's may be scarred by negative past experiences and may take some time to trust in humans again.


Providing your dog with an ideal lifestyle for its breed and size is mandatory if you want to minimize anti-social behavior and maximize his happiness.


Your dog's diet can influence behavior. Just as people behave differently if they eat a lot of sugar for example, dogs may be affected by certain ingredients in dog food, particularly the cheaper supermarket brands.


If your dog is suffering or in discomfort he may lash out, bark or act strangely. Always see a vet if you suspect any health problems in your dog.

By understanding the major factors in dog behavior we can really begin to understand why dogs act they way they do.

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