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Nutrition For Dogs

Why should I worry about dog nutrition? My vet will guide me.

Dog nutrition is not very high on most veterinary doctor education list. That's right! When going to all those hours of training to take care of your dog, most colleges just glance over the need for a proper diet. And most of that dog nutrition training is sponsored by commercial dog food suppliers! So we, as loving dog owners, need to learn as much as we can about what types of food are good for our dogs, what dog foods are a waste of time, and what types of food just might be lethal to our dogs.

Dog NutritionYou must have heard "You are what you eat". Dogs are no different from human beings when it comes to nutrition. The longevity of your dog, how it looks and its energy levels, all depends upon what you feed your pet with.

Feeding your dog the wrong diet can be disastrous. It may be hard to resist those begging eyes and slip some table scraps to your best friend. And in many cases there would be no harm done. But certain table scraps should never be given to the dog, or serious consequences could result. So, just as important as what is best to feed your dog is what not to feed your dog.

Here, we will discuss that topic, as well as the following:

Dog Nutrition
  • Dog food - which types are best.
  • Puppy food - puppies require special diet. Learn all about it here.
  • Natural dog food - Is natural food better than commercial dog food?
  • Raw dog food - Dogs love raw meat, but some can be dangerous. Find out here.
  • Dry dog food - Which dry dog foods are best for your pet?
  • Moist dog food - should you feed your dog on this diet?
  • Prescription dog food - Some dogs require prescription dog food due to a number of reasons. Find out why and how here.
  • Changes to your dogs nutritional needs as she ages.

Nutrition for Dogs is something that every dog owner should be familiar with, to ensure a long, happy, and rewarding life with their dog.