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While doing my research for dog information, I did extensive searches on the internet. These pages include some of the most informative sites I found and continue to find during that research.

It is almost impossible for one site to contain every bit of information you, my valued visitors, may need. So, rather than making you do your own searches, I am including sites related to several broad topics related to dogs, dog health, dog behavior, dog travel and more.

Just select a dog topic from the listing below, and start your exploration. External sites will open in a new window, so you can come right back here for more. I hope you find your answers, and have found this site to provide it to you.

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Below is a random website that is in the Dog Hawaii-rescue category. This is totally random, and does not show any favorite site. Resort Dog Rescue

Last Resort Dog Rescue

We started rescuing animals in the 1950's and have had shelters and done fostering in New York, California, Canada and Hawaii. Mary Sternberg who started this was the recipient of a Bill Clinton presidential award for her work with animal rights. She also was an animal rights novelist and activist. The family is continuing her work. Presently we are saving animals one at a time making a difference in the life of each animal we take in.

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