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Best Dog Breeds for Kids

So you are looking for a dog to add to your family, but are worried that your choice may not be correct, since you have small children around. You want to find a dog that will not only protect your child, but who will enjoy playing like only a kid can do.

Since there are over 170 breeds registered by the AKC, you will probably find just about as many recommendations, with each breed recommended as being the best dog. Below you will find our (you guessed it!) recommendations to help you choose the best dog breed for kids. Perhaps one of these dog breeds is also the one you were thinking of yourself.

Golden Retriever

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Golden Retrievers do extremely well with children. They have a high tolerance of some of the things kids do. They are well mannered, but playful. Because of their size and energy, though, it is possible they can unintentionally knock over a small child, so they may be more suitable for older children (6 years old and up). As with any dog, never leave her unmonitored with a child in the room.


Bulldogs are tremendously sturdy, and can take just about anything kids can do with them. It will put up with a lot while maintaining an even temper. Bulldogs love children and are easy to train as a family dog. This dog is an extremely low maintenance dog, but needs to remain with family... do not leave him outdoors.

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are able to take a lot of rough play while remaining calm. They can take the man handling sometimes employed by young kids, while returning their unwavering love. These dogs can be rambunctious, so once again are only recommended for kids 6 years old or older.


Beagles make great companions to your kids. They are small enough that they won't inadvertently knock your child down while playing, yet big enough to take the playing with sometimes clumsy kids.


I hope you enjoyed these recommendations, however brief. I have provided links for each recommended breed if you want more information on that type of dog. You can also find a lot more information on many different dog breeds by selecting "Dog Breeds" on our menu.

Visitor Comments

Do you agree or disagree with our recomendations? Do you have any additional breeds you feel are kid friendly? Any comments about the ideas presented to you here? Now is your chance to sound off!

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Julianne Smith-Devereaux says...
Smile THE best dog that I have EVER owned, from 8 week old puppy to 14 year's old, was a German Shepard named Nikki. I brought her home and immediately bonded with her. She and I were the ONLY one's in my home. She knew instantly that I was her 'Master'. Well, as she became trained, we went on our first neighborhood walk. That was the day I knew that this gorgeous female was VERY protective of me. At only 8-10 months old, she was HUGE! And, I'm sure, very intimidated looking. When she saw people, even a half mile away, her hackles would raise up and she would be 'on point' with people instantly. I never told her 'No', but I would talk very soft and reassuringly to her. To let her know that 'mommy' was safe. When I brought my first child home, Nikki INSTANTLY became protective of him as well. If I left the room for a second, Nikki would take the tip of my son's onesie and drag him back to me! She was THE BEST DOG EVER! FOR KIDS TOO!
9th February 2016 3:57pm
Rodney says...
Yes, Julianne, I agree that German Shepherds are great dogs. We had one about 30 years ago that just wandered over to our house and stayed. Seems his owner had just abandoned him!

We did not have small children then (both were teenagers), so I cannot relate to them with tots, but we did have a strange experience while bird sitting for my brother in law. After about a week with the bird we saw our German Shepherd (Sandy) walking around with feathers coming out of his mouth!

My wife yelled Sandy! and the dog just looked at us quizzically, laid down, and opened his mouth. The bird then just walked out, as good as can be! Seems the bird just wanted a ride, and Sandy was willing.

Anyway, thanks for the input!
9th February 2016 4:33pm
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