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Did you come here to find information about a certain breed of dog? Are you looking for causes and solutions to your dogs health or disease issues? Not sure how to go about training your new dog? Want to know which diet is best for your dog and you?

You will find your answers here at Dog Nation, as well as a lot more information about dogs.

Dog Behavior

The information on dog behavior will interest most dog owners, particularly those who own the larger breeds. We go into detail about how to train your dog and how to rectify certain behavior problems.

Dog Behavior

We will explore possible reasons your dog may be displaying a particular behavior. Understanding the why will greatly help when determining what can be done to correct that bad behavior. Then we will discuss various methods that can help stop that undesired conduct. Different methods will be discussed, so at least one method will most likely work for your dog and your situation.

Dog Breeds

Dog BreedsThe American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes over 170 breeds of dogs, and adds more almost every year. Some of these breeds are further divided into different varieties of that dog breed, like the poodle (there are three varieties, Standard, Miniature, and Toy). The AKC divides these 170 plus breeds into seven different groups (Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Herding, and Non-sporting). An additional group, the Miscellaneous Group, is made up of breeds that are close to getting full recognition by the AKC.

We will explore a brief history of each breed, where they came from and what they were used for. Then we will discuss the temperament of each dog type, including things like friendlyness toward other pets, ability to learn, and normal activity of that dog breed. These are generalizations to help you decide if one breed of dog is right for you, but recognize that all dogs are different, and the one you select may not act like the "typical" dog of that breed. Finally we will look at the health factor for your dog, looking at common diseases for that breed, normal life span, and hereditary concerns.

Dog Health

Every dog owner or potential owner needs to have a basic understanding of certain unique health issues for their friend. Here we get into potential causes for common dog health issues, as well as treatments available to correct those issues. The first condition I wrote about in this topic was dog obesity. This is because we have an older dalmatian that has been havving problems keeping that excess weight off, and I want to keep her around a lot longer than this, so needed to get control over her weight gain. My search for knowledge for my dog is now being shared with you!

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition

Dog nutrition or nutrition for dogs is my newest passion! So much so that I am pursuing my certification in companion animal nutrition. It is amazing to see all the commercials promoting various brands of dog food. But these commercials can be deceiving... they may not be the most nutritious dog food around (who would have guessed?). So this section will attempt to destroy some myths about dog food. It will explore the different popular diets, including raw, organic, homemade, and vegetarian. It will discuss the various commercial products available and help you decide on the best options within your budget.

Dog Training

From the day you bring a new dog into your home, the training you give your pet will determine a lot about the relationship you have with them. This section will discuss the various types of training currently in use, with the benefits and pitfalls of each. It will discuss various ways to get your dog to do what you want, when you want it. From "tricks" to impress your friends to life-saving things your dog must learn.

Conclusion and Disclaimer

This site will be updated regularly with new and exciting articles which will help you to keep your dog happy and healthy. Please add us to your favorites or bookmark us, and share this site with your friends.

Please note that this website can not provide specific veterinary advice to your dog and is not intended to replace a vet. Please see your vet if you have specific concerns about your dog.