Puppy Care: The Complete Guide to Loving a New Pooch

Puppy care…you’ve just picked up the puppy. As expected, it’s love at first snuggle. After all of the hours of research and browsing adoption sites, you’ve picked the perfect breed and you’re ready to finally welcome the little furball to the family.

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Pet Grooming at Home – Top Tips For Great Manes

Pet grooming at home might sound like a chore! But you wouldn’t go months without grooming yourself. And you certainly wouldn’t let months go by without grooming your child.

Why treat your dog any differently?

A busy schedule. Okay. That could be one reason. Cost. Okay. That could be another reason.

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The Dog – Part VI, Dogs Devotion

This is the final part of Chapter 1 of “The Dog” by William Youatt.. While this book was published in the mid-1800s, there is still much that remains unchanged today, including the Dogs devotion to its master and family, and sometimes to its fellow dogs.

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