Are You Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet?

For years millions of Americans have fed their dogs commercially prepared dog foods. While most people still prefer the convenience of feeding a ready to eat dog food, other people believe that feeding their dogs a diet that replicates what their ancestors ate in the wild is a healthier option. If owners believe the latter, it is important that they learn how to make a raw food diet for dogs.

The first step in learning how to make a raw food diet for dogs is to obtain an accurate weight of your pet. This will help you to determine how much food your dog should eat on a daily bases. It is critical when you are shopping for ingredients for the raw diet that you purchase the freshest ingredients possible. Fresh, organic raw meats and organs are a very large part of the whole diet. When making up the diet you should set aside enough meat for 3-5 days. The next step is to prepare the vegetables. Usually 1-3 pounds of vegetables can be steamed, ground down or finely chopped. Some owners will also choose to add fruit if they think their dog would eat it.

Different people choose how to transition their dogs from dry food to the raw diet. It is usually good to take a few days to mix the two foods together, increasing the amount of the new food each day and decreasing the amount of dry food until they are completely weaned off of the dry food. Each day you can continue to add an additional protein source until you have the number you desire. It is important to make sure your dog does not start with any loose stools during the process. Regular weight checks are also necessary so that you can adjust the feeding amount if necessary. You can even ask your vet about how to make a raw food diet for dogs. Even you friends or colleagues who own dogs can help you in this matter.

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