Important Facts to Help You Raise Your Pet

A dog is a man’s best friend and there is no doubt about it. They become an important part of the family and they not only help in relieving stress but also bring happiness in our lives. If you have a pet that you simply adore, here are a few facts to help you raise your best friend in the best possible way.

The sense of smell of a dog is more than 100,000 times more powerful than a person’s ability to smell things. This implies that you need to be extremely careful about the food that is laying around. If your dog is hungry, he/she will find food. If there is some non edible item that may look like a meal to your little one, make sure you keep it well hidden.

commercial-dog-foodLong toenails are a cause of various foot problems. Make sure that you cut your dog’s toenails on a regular basis. It might be annoying for your dog but it will save both you and your canine from a lot of problems in the long run.

Puppies do not open their eyes fully until they are about two weeks old. Their vision is not fully developed until a month after they are born, During the early stages of your puppy, you need to make sure that you do not have sharp objects lying around in your home. This will ensure that your dog receives no injury.

The dog needs the approval of his master, as an infant. Instill a chain of commands in your household, make sure you let your canine friend know that he/she has to follow your instructions. This will ensure a stronger relationship between the two of you and make your little one obey what you tell him/her to do.

The above mentioned information and facts about dogs will surely help you in raising your best friend and understanding him/her in a better way. Last but not the least, the most important thing your pet needs is your attention and care for a happy and healthy life.

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