How to Choose the Right Breed?



There are millions of dogs in the world, but how to choose the best dog breed? There is no one definite answer to this question. Every dog has its own personality and that is what is most important. Dogs of any breed can be great with children and there are dogs of every breed that don’t do so well with children. If you are searching for a new family pet (especially for your kid) and are unsure what type of breed will be a good fit for your family, a great place to start would be having a discussion with your veterinarian.

The first thing to consider is the age, activity level, and maturity of the children that will be living with the dog. Very young children can be rough with a dog and in many cases they are very loud, which can scare some dogs. Part of being a responsible dog owner is to teach children how to be gentle and properly interact with a dog.

If you have a very active lifestyle you may want to consider a breed that has a great deal of energy. If your lifestyle is more sedentary you may want to consider a dog that doesn’t require as much activity. If any of the children have allergies there are certain breeds that may be easier for them to tolerate.

Many people feel that the best dog breed for kids are ones that are well adjusted and don’t mind a great deal of interaction. Doing some research on the list of dog breeds is a good idea, especially if you are unsure of the amount of upkeep certain breeds may require. Some people like the idea of saving a life and may choose to adopt or rescue a dog. Quite often these dogs are mixed breed dogs and many of them do very well with children. While there are a number of breeds that are known for doing well with children, it is important to remember that the dog’s personality is often a better indicator of how it will do with children.

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