Top 3 Dog Food Brands

There are many brands in the market which provide dog food. People while selecting the diet for their dog need to always rely on branded dog foods. What are the healthy dog food brands that you can trust when it comes to your dog’s health? If you want your dog to live a high quality of life then the top 3 dog food brands listed in this article will help you achieve that:

1. Canidae

This canned dog food contains a complete diet with whole ingredients and four major proteins & also contains amino acids. This is easily available but little costly when compared to the other dog foods. It also contains grains and human grade meat. Canidae can be easily fed as a sole food or can also be mixed along with some other dry dog food.

2. Avoderm

The unique selling point of this food is that it contains avocado which is rich in nutrients and is also good for skin. However, some dog owners don’t want to risk the health of their dogs using this food because the skin and pit of avocado are toxic, but you need not worry much as skin and pit are removed as part of the food preparation process and only the flesh is included in the food.

3. Life’s Abundance

The entire range of this food contains chicken protein. If your dog has no allergies to chicken, this makes for a better than average food. It also contains grains which are good for normal dogs, but if your dog is allergic to them, then you should avoid this brand.

These brands are way better and cheaper than most commercial dog foods available in the market and if you feed your dog on them, they are sure to be will be healthier than other dogs. Many dog foods are full of ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in dogs. Some of it even contains dangerously high levels of substances such as fluoride and acrylamides. Ensure that the dog food brands you are considering have whole proteins and vital nutrients which can meet your dog’s nutritional needs. You do not need to visit a nearby store to buy dog food as you can easily buy best dog food brands online and that too on discounted price.

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