Nutritional Requirements for Dogs

Proper dog nutrition is not categorized the same for all ages, sizes and breeds. Each breed has its dietary recommendation as well as the suggested number of feedings per day. These recommendations can also be customized according to the size and age group of your dog. However, you can follow some general guidelines in order to provide proper dog nutrition with a balanced diet.

Knowing the nutritional requirements for dogs helps you to determine which type of dog food you are going feed your dog with. Ingredients in commercial brands of dog foods are not always the most nutritional and some of them can even be dangerous to your dog’s health. The food that you decide to feed your dog directly affects its long term health. So you need to choose the right brand of food that can also save you a lot of money at the veterinarians’ office over the course of your dog’s life.

There are numerous breeds of dogs that have different nutritional requirements. A working dog breed expends a lot of energy for which they need different mix of ingredients. Puppies especially need the correct amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to build strong bones and prevent diseases. A dog’s protein intake depends highly on his age and you should consult a vet for the proper protein intake for your dog.

You should never feed your dog table scraps under any circumstances. If your dog has been prescribed a special diet by the vet, which requires you to cook your dog’s meals, be sure to place the food in a dog’s bowl. Avoid feeding your dog from the dinner table as this makes him greedy. There are a number of sites that provides you with the best dog nutritional requirements and if you still don’t get a clear idea about dog food it’s better that you consult a vet. You must also stay away from any dog food that uses the word “ by products”. Try to look for a dog food that is additive and preservative free and stay away from the dog foods that contain BHA or BHT as they are chemical preservatives that is not good for the health of your dog.

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