Benefits of Raw Dog Food Diet

Food, obviously is one of the most vital thing to sustain life- be it of humans or animals. It is very important to decide what goes into the mouth of your little furry playmate. What you feed your dog is basically the most important thing you should be mindful of when owning one. Domesticated dogs are biologically designed to eat raw meat and perhaps some vegetables. Dogs of certain breeds such as greyhounds have been fed raw dog food for a long time, and the same diet has been devised for household dogs in recent past.

Doctors suggests that it may be best for the domesticated dogs to be fed raw food. If you are worried what does this food actually consists, then you need not bother much. This diet consists of raw meat, bones and pieces of vegetables. There are various benefits of raw food diet. Though it has been observed that modern day dog food is a convenient way to feed pets, evidence clearly indicates the nutritional deficit of kibble as compared to raw food. A nutritional comparison was conducted which showed that the commercial dog food contains an unnecessarily high amount of carbohydrates at around 46-74% — around four times the amount of carbohydrates present in raw foods (14%).

On the other hand, the raw food diet contained high protein and fat value of 56% and 25-30% respectively, while commercial dog foods offered only an average of around 18-32% and 8-22%. With these comparisons, the raw dog food diet has shown a number of benefits that helps to keep your dogs healthy in a longer run. Raw dog food keeps the mate healthier and the skin and coat shines, they pass smaller and firmer tools, improves the process of digestion and weight management. It also helps to maintain clean and healthy teeth and provides better sleep and energy. Allergies are also reduced to a great extent. In conclusion, every dog should have raw meat dog food as a part of their diet for improved living conditions. Don’t forget to buy them from a reliable supplier.

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