Leave Your Dog Home! Car Temperatures Kill

As we reach the Memorial Day Weekend, I am amazed at how many times I read about people who have left their dog in the car while they go shopping! The outcome is predictable, yet many dog lovers fall into this trap. Please leave your dog home! Don’t fall into one of these traps.

Some excuses why you won’t leave your dog home

“I will only be gone for a short time” becomes an hour talking with an old friend who just happened to stop at the same store. If you leave your dog home, you don’t have to maintain a short schedule.

“It is only 75 degrees. That isn’t bad at all!” Well, look at the table below, with information on interior car temperature versus time for different ambient temperature conditions:

Leave your dog home. Car temperatures rise quickly!So, even at 75 degrees, you can see interior temperature becomes dangerous in less than half an hour! Good enough reason to leave your dog home, isn’t it? This data was obtained from the American Veterinary Medical Association

“I left the windows cracked, so it can’t get too hot.” or “I have a light colored car. It will not heat up very fast… the heat will be reflected away.” Neither one of these excuses appear to be valid.

A study was published in the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society, republished by Injury Prevention.org, as a result of an infant death due to heat exhaustion back in 1995. They took two vehicles, one a dark blue sedan with the windows rolled up and the other a light gray minivan with the front windows rolled down about an inch and a half. Then they measured the interior temperatures in the front passenger seat every 10 minutes.

car temperature comparisons. Leave your dog home!From a starting temperature of 93°, Car 1 (the dark blue sedan with windows rolled up) climbed a startling 47° in 40 minutes, and was already approaching 120° within the first 10 minutes! But Car 2 (the lighter colored minivan with the windows cracked) was not far behind! It reached 138° in that same 40 minutes, only 2 degrees less than the dark car with the windows up. So it is still better to leave your dog home!

So, still considering whether to leave your dog home?

Yes, you could also just leave the engine running with the air conditioning on, but that presents two obvious problems. What if the car stops running for any reason? Or worse yet, what if someone cannot resist the temptation, and steals your running car, along with your best friend?

No, the best way to protect your favorite pooch is to resist her incessant begging to go along, and just leave your dog home!

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