Health Tips for your Dog

There are tons of dog lovers out there. But like in the case of us humans, just love is not enough. Now if we look at humans, we need food. And in a healthy regime, junk does not count as food. In the same way, sometimes what we so judiciously cook and feed our fury darlings, is not the same as what’s best for their system. We of course mean well, but they need to be fed certain foods raw, so that the amino acids and enzymes get to them in the right amount, resulting in a healthy immune system.

Vets have pointed out that there has been a rise in the number of diseases in dogs. Surprisingly enough, these cannot be traced until a few years back. And all these ailments have their roots in the lack of nutrition. Research has shown how consumption of cooked food makes the dog appear healthy initially. Slowly however, a deterioration can be detected in the health. A parallel line can be drawn to how humans consume pizzas and burgers. It does alleviate the hunger and gives a sense of fulfillment. But in the long run, the consumption of flour, fat, and cheese, is bound to have implications on the health of the individual.


Feeding the dog the same food that you consume is yet another mistake that people make. You need to realize, understand, and imbibe the fact that your digestive system is different from that of your pet. The most basic example of this is the caution to be maintained, while feeding dogs chocolate. You don’t do that! Their system is not made the way yours is. They need a special kind of nutrition and diet to maintain their health. This remains something that needs to be realized by many.

Your dog’s coat is the first sign of how healthy your dog is. A well kept and appropriately fed dog will be active, alert, playful, and will have a nice shiny coat of hair. The best raw dog food can be looked up at numerous websites. You need to be very careful about what you feed your pet. The best of dog foods can be lacking. Make sure that you research well before feeding your dog any kind of ready made dog food. The wrong kind of diet can have dire health implications due to toxins getting accumulated in the lymph, blood, and tissue. This will further result in the breaking down of their immune system. Treat your dog well, pay special attention to its food consumption, and you will see a happier, healthier pet.

Happy feeding!

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    Your new site design looks great!

    As you know, I prefer to feed my dog a raw diet. I mix it up a bit between homemade raw, pre-made raw and also high-quality dry food. The one thing I don’t really buy is canned food. I believe in variety so my dog gets a wider range of protein and nutrients.