Things To Consider When You Are Switching To Raw Dog Food

Raw food is the preferred food type for your pets. Raw food diet is close to what they used to get in the wild. Dogs have wolves as their ancestors, therefore, the eating habit of dogs still resemble the older style of the wolves. Although, there are many advantages of feeding them on raw meat, there are still hazards attached to this feeding practice. The owners need to understand that feeding their pets on raw pieces of meat is not enough. The selection process of a balanced diet involves an insight into the nutritional needs of your pets. There are some germs found in the raw meat which can make your pets ill.

Raw food diet for pets includes bones, organs, meat, and eggs. We all know that uncooked meat could be a carrier of harmful germs. In case of dogs and cats that are fed upon raw meat, they can transmit Salmonella and Listeria infection to the human beings residing with them. Humans can come contract these infections just by coming in contact with the storage places where the food item was kept. In favorable conditions, they grow and cause sickness. Salmonella causes fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. The infection goes away by itself but Listeria is more threatening comparatively.
Things To Consider When You Are Switching To Raw Dog Food
When you change your pet’s diet to raw food items, there are certain important things to keep in mind. When you will have to store the meat, make sure that it is kept separated from the other food items. Germs of Salmonella and Listeria can infect the other food items and storage cabinets/countertops. It is preferred to freeze them until you have to use it. If the pet doesn’t eat a part of it, then throw away the leftover part. Don’t let your dog lick around your mouth right after he/she has eaten.

Finally, when you are creating a raw food diet for your dog, remember that it has to have 80% of raw food material and rest of it could be vegetable puree. Many a time, sudden shift from cooked to raw food can make your pet sick. Therefore, the process of switching should be gradual. The need for calcium should be fulfilled with adequate amount of eggs and bones. There is a possibility that your pet dog is allergic to certain food item or certain food item is not favorable for your pet’s diet. Meet a professional and discuss how to make raw dog food.

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