How to choose the best suitable dog for you?

Dogs provide lasting companionship and unconditional love to their owners. They have also been known to lower blood pressure and stress in their owners. If you have a dog, you will surely go out and take a walk with him everyday which will help you in keeping yourself fit. Living with a dog has also been known to boost the social skills and confidence of children and adults alike. It is very true that the decision to bring home a dog requires careful consideration as dogs come in all shapes and sizes and not all breeds are the same. So you need to consider many things before you decide which breed of dog is most suitable for you.

Things to consider before choosing a dog

1) Experience with dogs

Some dog breeds are very dominant, so they tend to do better with a more experienced dog owner. You must find out about the dog from the breeders and also collect information from breeder associations. This will help you in deciding if the dog breed, which you want to buy is right for you or not.

2) Breed type

It has been recognized that there are over 170 breeds of dogs in eight different general groups. Most dog breeds are simply cross breeds of two or more other types of dogs. So you need to do research and find out the different breeds that are available. There are websites which will assist you in deciding which breed is right for you and your family.

3) Exercise level

Each breed has its own general exercise level that is not necessarily based on size. There are some small to medium breeds that require a lot of activity and exercise whereas some of the larger breeds are very calm dogs which require very little exercise.


4) Health concerns

Almost all breeds have some genetic health concerns. But you must consider all the issues before deciding the dog breed you want to bring home. You need to buy a dog from a reputable breeder as it will eliminate most of the issues but there is still the chance that some health concerns may arise with the breed.

5) Tolerance of children

If you have children in your home then it is extremely important to ensure that the breed which you are selecting is a “child-friendly” breed. Some dogs just naturally love being around children whereas others are not of this kind.

6) Size

You must not get dogs based on the size of the dog as a puppy. Many of the very large breeds are relatively small as puppies, but they grow very fast and it may become difficult for you to adjust them in your house. If you have a large fenced yard or a bigger living area then either a large, medium or small dog would be fine. If you live in an apartment or smaller house then a medium to small dog is best for you. And if you live in a very small space then a toy or miniature breed is likely the best choice in this case.

So if you are planning to bring a new dog home, then you can look at the list of breeds of dogs and choose among them, which appeal the most to you. You need to do proper research and then find out the dog you are looking for.

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