That paper shredder is a danger to your dog!

I was just reading one of the newsletters I subscribe to and saw a safety tip that I just had to share. It warned about the potential for your dog to get its tongue or hair stuck in your paper shredder, with potentially dangerous results.

This newsletter referenced two articles about one situation where the dog wound up losing her tongue, and almost bled to death before they got her to the veterinarian. The owner, Erica, wrote about waking up to her dog screaming in pain and her frantic trip to the nearest vet clinic. Dr. Emo, the attending veterinarian, talks about what occurred at the clinic.

In Dr. Eno’s article, he explains why this may happen:

NOTE: the most common reason for this traumatic even to occur with paper shredders is from children feeding food into them and dogs licking at the food. We recommend that you NEVER keep your paper shredder on auto feed and keep it out of the use of children.

Good advice, but I would go even further. Keep your shredder completely unplugged unless you are using it, and never walk away with the shredder still plugged in.

My dalmatian, Roxy, is extremely inquisitive, and can be seen sniffing out anything she is not used to being there. Even if it is something she has seen all her life, it becomes something completely new if the item is moved, So it doesn’t necessarily have to be the result of children putting food down the feed.

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