Popular Dogs List for 2016 Announced by the AKC

Three days ago, AKC announced the most popular dogs in the US, based on registrations in 2015. The Labrador Retriever maintained its spot on top, a position it has now held for 25 years! I decided to give my other love (writing poetry) a go in describing the top 5 with a little bit of rhyme, so here goes!

Labrador Retriever Once Again Tops List of Popular Dogs

Labrador Retriever tops most popular dogs list
Whether you’re rich or whether you’re poor
I know you’ll just love the Labrador.
Whether she’s black, or yellow, or chocolate brown,
These retrievers are all favorites, Hands Down!
For twenty five years she’s held this top spot,
She’ll still be here next year, more likely than not!

German Shepherd Dog Number 2

German Shepherd Dog
The German Shepherd Dog, first runner up once again,
But getting to top dog is not an IF, it’s a WHEN.
Just like in the old days, with a dog called “Rin Tin Tin”,
She’ll come to your rescue, again and again!
As a guard dog, or as a herder, or as solely a pet,
This dogs versatility is the best I’ve seen yet!

Golden Retriever Still Number 3

Golden Retriever
The Golden Retriever, my first childhood dog,
He followed me everywhere, even raining with fog.
Loyalty was key, and he sure displayed that,
Though he loved to chase squirrels at the drop of a hat!
So staying quite steady at a nice number three,
This dog’s a welcome addition to any family.

Bulldog Stays at Number 4

What’s not to love about that broad wrinkled face?
The Bulldog’s popularity remains in fourth place.
Though she overtook the Beagle two years ago,
Getting much higher may be a long time to go.
But she remains very happy being at number four,
Their families just love them, why ask for much more?

Beagle Remains Number 5

Snoopy, the flying ace, remains at number five.
He’s still the favorite hound dog, of any alive.
Bred as a scenthound, for tracking down hare,
Still comfortable at home as long as you’re there.
A great family dog, loving, faithful and true,
The Beagle may just be the dog that’s for you.

So there are the top five in AKC’s list of most popular dogs. I hope you enjoyed my presentation.

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