Take Your Dog to Work Day – Take 18

Today is the 18th year celebrating taking your best friend to your workplace. Yes, today, June 24, 2016, is the National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

If you have a hard time remembering when this celebration occurs each year, but remember Father’s Day, then it is simple. The Take Your Dog to Work Day is always the Friday following Father’s Day. This day was first celebrated June 25, 1999, after Pet Sitters International brought it to the United States from England

If you are lucky enough to have a boss that allows you to bring your dog today, remember the following tips (some things to do, and others to make sure you don’t do):

When you take your dog to work today, do:

Take Your Dog to Work Day

  • Make sure your dog greets your coworkers nicely. A paw shake or even a wagging tale can go a long way to making your coworker feel more comfortable. Jumping, licking or sniffing their rears will not.
  • Make sure you bring plenty of water and food. Bringing her own water and food bowls will help make your dog more at home, and not feel like she is in strange surroundings. It will also help her avoid temptation from your coworkers lunch!
  • If your dog sheds (and most do!) then make sure you bring a lint roller to work with you along with your dog. No one relishes dog hair all over their clothes!
  • Bring appropriate toys to keep your canine friend happy. Her favorite ball or chew toy is great, but forget about bringing noise makers, such as the squeaky toys.
  • Make sure you bring her crate (if you use one) or favorite pet bed to lie on, and to perhaps sleep. This can be placed either next to your chair or under your desk to ensure she does not become a trip hazard to your coworkers.

When you take your dog to work today, don’t:

  • Don’t leave your dog unattended. Your dog is not there to answer your phone! I’m sure you know how much trouble she can get into in just a little time.
  • Don’t cuddle with your dog. Yeah, I know, you always do that at home, but please, not at work. Who knows what that wagging tail can run into!
  • Don’t force your dog on a coworker that seems uncomfortable. Not everyone loves dogs as much as we do, and some are actually fearful. Reduce those kinds of feelings by showing how well your dog behaves while with you.

More and more employers participate in the Take Your Dog to Work Day happenings, so chances are good that one day you will also have this opportunity, assuming you are not already doing it. Keep the above tips in mind to make sure your boss continues to allow a great thing!

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