Another Dog Related Blog?

Hello, my name is Rodney Blow, and I am a dog lover!

I maintain the website. My only qualifications to maintain a website about dogs is my love for them, and my willingness to research and learn more about dogs, their care, and their mannerisms.

I started this blog to be able to post about more current issues related to canines. Here you will soon find videos I have stumbled across during my research, recent news items related to dogs, general feelings about local ordinances and attempts to change or add them, etc. This is basically for topics that may not fit properly in a static website.

I know I will not always be right in what I post, and I encourage comments on all my posts, both positive and negative. If necessary, I will retract an improper post or modify it to be more appropriate. However, this is my blog, so I will take a little latitude with it ;).

Every once in a while, I will make a post asking for suggestions. This will be your opportunity to request more information on a specific subject. If I do not know the answer from previous research, I will do my best to find that information elsewhere, and share it with you. This first post can be considered just that, a request for suggestions… what should I write about?

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