National Dog Day – What Can You Do?

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the National Dog Day, celebrated every 26th day of August since 2004.

Colleen Paige has founded several celebrations to bring focus on adopting animals in need, including National Puppy Day and National Mutt Day. But today, National Dog Day, holds a special place in her heart. On this day, when Colleen was only 10, her family adopted the first of her many dogs.

So, what to do in celebration of this day? Here are some suggestions!

National Dog DayThis National Dog Day, Consider Adoption

Over 10 million dogs are euthanized each year. Many rescues and shelters are trying to change those horrendous numbers, but they need your help! If you don’t know where a rescue or shelter is near you, I have listed over 800 rescues and shelters by state here. Every dog adopted makes room for another one in need!

If you cannot adopt for any reason, you can still help your local shelter with a donation, either cash or volunteering.

Buy Some New Toys

If your dog likes to play with a ball or other toy, this would be a great time to get him something new. Your local pet shop will have all kinds of interesting toys to introduce.

Of the three dogs I have, only one dog really enjoys his toys, and he tends to favor the old ones. But he will play with anything he considers to be a toy!

A Long Run Will Make Your Dog Feel Great!

Unfortunately, I am not very physically fit, having abused this body of mine for over 60 years. But dogs do love to run! The only thing better is to have you to run with. So, if you are physically up to it, this is a great way to show your dog just how much you love her.

National Dog Day is Just Another Excuse to Play!

More within my capabilities, I really enjoy playing a game of catch, or even some tug-of-war! And all but my oldest can’t wait until I pick up that ball.

Give Your Dog a Hug!

I know, some dogs are uncomfortable with so much intimacy, but at least my dogs enjoy it.

Really, we don’t need to have a special day to do any of the above. So what can you do for National Dog Day? Just keep doing what you do every day, and enjoy your dog to the fullest!


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