Dog First Aid Kit What to Include

Have you thought about having a dog first aid kit? The health and safety of your dog is without a doubt extremely important to you as a pet owner. But, dogs are curious creatures. They can get into a myriad of things they shouldn’t, leading to illness and injury.

Being prepared for these pet emergencies can help you stay calm. It allows you to assess the situation. Most importantly it allows caring for your dog when they are hurt in an effective way.

Having a first aid kit on hand will help you be ready for any emergency that were to occur to your furry friend. Yes, you a can buy a prepackaged dog first aid kit from any pet store. But creating one yourself means one that is completely customized to your dog.  And a DIY dog first aid kit has a much more budget-friendly price.

A DIY first aid kit is easy to put together. Many items are already available in your home from your human first aid kit. Simply gather them up and keep them all in one place so they are ready when you need them. This way you won’t be running all over trying to find what you need to tend to your dog in an emergency. It will be all in one place and ready to go.

Keep in mind that while your DIY first aid kit will be able to assist your dog in a variety of situations, it is not a replacement for your vet. Call your vet anytime you are uncertain how bad your dog is injured or if it is health emergency that requires immediate assistance. You don’t want to put your best friend in danger under any circumstance!

Preparing Your Dog First Aid Kit

Now, to prepare a DIY first aid kit for your dog.

dog first aid kitFirst, you need to get a container to hold all your supplies. Look for something that is sturdy and will keep water and moisture out to keep your supplies safe. A nice plastic container works well that can be secured tightly and kept in a dry place.

Next, you will want to gather all the first aid supplies you will need to treat your dog for the variety of injuries and illnesses that could occur. This can be anything from a bump or scrape or maybe they will ingest something that they shouldn’t have. You need to be prepared for all kinds of health situations.

For supplies in your dog first aid kit you may want to consider the following:

1.  Gauze

This is a must for any DIY dog first aid kit as it can wrap scratches and scrapes received during typical behavior. In an emergency, you can also use gauze to muzzle a dog. But be sure not to do this if your dog is having trouble breathing or is vomiting. You would only want to do this in an emergency if your dog was out of control and you were afraid they would bite someone.

2. Bandages

When you locate bandages for your dog first aid kit, make sure they aren’t human bandages. These will stick to your dog’s fur and can hurt them. Look for bandages that aren’t sticky and use these with adhesive tape. This is ideal if your dog has an open wound as it can help prevent it from getting an infection as well as eliminating dirt from getting into the cut.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

You will need hydrogen peroxide to clean any cut, scratch or wound your dog may get. This will sterilize the surface and work to help prevent any infection from forming. Keep this handy in your DIY dog first aid kit as you may need it if your dog gets in a fight with another animal or hurts themselves in any way.

4. Thermometer

For dogs you will need a special pet thermometer that is designed to take the temperature of an animal, which is higher than a human’s temperature. A typical dog has a temperature of 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. You will be able to find this relatively inexpensively at a pet supply store to add to your DIY first aid kit. This will allow you to take the temperature of your dog it they appear sick in any way. You will be able to recognize anomalies in their health and take them to a vet if it seems severe.

5. Eyedropper

An eye dropper will also come in handy in several ways for treating your dog if they are injured or sick. You can use the eyedropper to clean wounds on your dog or even as a way to administer medicine to them, which can often be tricky. Be sure to add this to your first aid kit as you never know when this will be necessary.

6. Milk of Magnesia

Milk of Magnesia is given to dogs that have ingested a substance that may be poisonous. Be sure to call the National Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 for assistance before you administer the Milk of Magnesia to induce vomiting in your dog. The Poison Control Center will direct you in the correct steps to take if you think your dog has ate something they shouldn’t have. It is good to have this in your first aid kit as you will have it ready if you ever need to give it to you dog.

7. Emergency Contact Information

If an emergency would occur with your dog, you want to know immediately who to contact for help whether it’s your local vet or an emergency veterinarian. Have both these numbers ready and in your DIY first aid kit for your dog. You will know exactly where to look to get this information should the need arise for you to call them in an emergency.

Having a first aid kit for your dog will make sure you are prepared to handle any type of emergency that would arise. From small injuries to minor illnesses, you will be ready to treat all of these ailments and keep your dog safe and sound. Not only will your dog’s health be looked after, you will feel a lot more at ease knowing you can take care of your furry friend at a moment’s notice.

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