Meat Industry and NRA Oppose North Carolina Puppy Mill Bill

The North Carolina Meat Industry has joined the fight against a bill the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and its vegan president say is meant to protect puppies. They are not alone, joining another unlikely opponent to the bill, the National Rifle Association. Could it be that these organizations are against cleaning up the abuse and maltreatment of dogs so often found in the news? Abuse solely based on the greedy desire to make money selling the puppies?

Or are they opposed to the biggest supporter of the bill (HSUS), and the potential consequences should the bill pass?

Kay Johnson, executive vice president of the Animal Agriculture Alliance, has said “The public is very unaware that the Humane Society of the United States has a very direct agenda to eliminate the use of animals for food.”  National Rifle Association told its members that the bill is “part of the same old lie” by the HSUS, which it says wants to eventually ban all hunting in America.

I am not sure I agree with the NRA statement “Kennel owners who own and train hunting dogs will be hauled into court under the provisions of the legislation and will be forced, at great cost, to put forward an affirmative defense pursuant to the exception,” since in the definitions section of the bill it clearly states:

For purposes of this Article, commercial breeding operations shall not include those kennels or establishments operated primarily for the purpose of boarding or training hunting, sporting, herding, or guide dogs.

However, I do believe that it is a bad thing for HSUS to get a foothold in NC politics, though. Other states are already feeling the pain from that association.

For example, Proposition 2, passed in California last November, requires that hens be given room to roam, a move that most feel will drive California egg production out of the state and result in the loss of about 3000 jobs. Paul Shapiro, HSUS spokesman, said “We will be looking to expand the number of states that have implemented these sorts of measures.”

Don’t misunderstand my reservations…I fully support punishing people who abuse any animal, not just the puppy mill owners, to the fullest extent of existing law, and even to strengthen sometimes week cruelty laws. I just don’t want the effort to be spearheaded by a group who has the end goal of taking my pets away from me, and make me eat a vegetarian diet!

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