Rodney Blow, Owner and Devout Dog Lover owner and one of his dogsHello! My name is Rodney Blow, and I maintain the website. I am a devout dog lover, with the only time without a dog being in my family being the six years I was in the Navy.

I am also an avid learner. So when I decided to start another website, I immediately started doing more research on dogs and their behaviors. I started in 2007, and it has grown a lot since then, and will continue to grow as I learn more and more about dogs.

I have definitely learned a lot, and experienced a lot in this time. Hopefully, between the website and this blog, I can both entertain you, my visitor, and enlighten you.

I am NOT a veterinarian. I am also NOT certified in Dog Nutrition. Everything I write about is based on research, both on the web and with some excellent text books I have purchased. However, do not consider anything I write about to be veterinary advice. Consult with your own veterinarian if you have any questions related to YOUR dog.

I attempt to pay for this website by participating in several affiliate sales opportunities and by allowing third party advertisements. Once the costs of maintaining a website have been satisfied, I have also committed to donating at least 10% of my profits to animal rescues and shelters. This is done by sponsoring an annual Best Friend’s Friend contest. Keep this contest in mind and help your favorite shelter win some needed cash. Nominations are between October and December, and voting is in January and February of the following year. It has been growing, but not nearly as fast as I would like, so nominate your shelter this year!

Whether you currently have a dog or not, whether you are actively looking for a new dog or just deciding if it is the right lifestyle for you, I want to welcome you. I hope I can give you what you came here to find :).

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