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Dog Digging

Digging is common dog behavior. It becomes a problem when your backyard starts looking more like a section of the moon then a regular backyard.

Dogs dig out of boredom or curiosity. They also do it to bury various items such as bones. Because digging comes natural to dogs there are things we need to do to curb the behavior or minimize the impact of the digging.

A good way to stop a dog from going back to dig the same hole is simply to fill it in. You can use leaves, rocks or sand to fill it in. Often the dog will lose interest in the area if the original hole is filled in.

You could also have a designated digging area in your yard that the dog is allowed to freely dig in without retribution. This could be a sandbox or simply a patch of dirt in a corner of the yard. You can bury treats in this area to encourage digging here and nowhere else. Once the dog realizes he will get a treat if he digs here but not over there, it should become a popular spot.

Dogs love fresh dirt so make sure their designated area is regularly topped up with fresh soil. If you are planting anywhere else in the yard with fresh soil then fence it off for the time being.

These are just some ideas to discourage unwanted digging in your backyard.

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