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Male Dog Behavior

If you are thinking of getting a dog then one of the first decisions you need to make is which sex to choose.

While all dogs bark and play, there can be marked differences in behavior between the sexes. This short article will help to identify some of the major behavioral traits displayed in male dogs. Specifically we will discuss aggression, territorial behavior and play. After reading this you will be able to make an informed decision about choosing the gender of your future dog.

Male dogs are usually more aggressive then their female counterparts. This can be displayed in their behavior towards the owner, children and other dogs. Typically this is the dog's attempt to become the 'Alpha Dog'. In other words it wants to be the dominant party in any relationship.

It is very common for a male dog to be much more active then a female. You should expect to take the dog for a long walk at least twice a day to ensure that any excess energy is used. The dog is always very protective of its home and its owner. A common behavioral problem with male dogs is the marking of territory within the home. Desexing your dog may lessen the occurrence of territory marking.

Compared to females, the male dog is usually less easy to train. Due to the it's nature the male dog will often try to win a 'battle of wills' with its owner as it attempts to establish its dominance.

Whichever sex you choose, having a dog as a pet is a wonderful thing. Dogs can bring love and excitement into most homes - and children love them! But it is worth acknowledging that there are different behavioral traits. If you choose a male dog you need to consider the effects of its likely behavior and whether your prospective new friend is compatible with your lifestyle. Whatever time and energy you invest in your dog, whatever its gender they will give back much more in love.

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