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Quick facts

Briard AKC Group: Herding
Height: Male: 24-27 inches, Female: 22-25 inches
Weight: Male: 75-100 pounds, Female: 50-65 pounds
Colors: black, gray, tawny; all colors except white
AKC recognized in: 1928

One of many breeds of herding dog, the finest Briards are made from a cross of the Beauceron with the Barbet. It is highly-probable that the Briard could also be related to the Berger Picard. Originally, the Briard could have been named after one Aubry of Mont Didier or, more likely, after the province of Brie in France.

Formidable as the Briard is, it is not uncommon for a distinguished gentleman to own one. Among the most famous Briard owners were Napoleon, Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, and Charlemagne.

A herding dog at heart, the Briard makes an excellent sheep guard and flock herder. In time of war, it has served as a search-and-rescue dog as well as a police watchdog. Today, it is well-esteemed as a companion dog.

Asleep, the Briard looks more like a haystack. With a coat about 6 inches long, imagine an adult Briard with a shaggy beard and a bushy look. Its harsh, long coat of either solid or light colors deepens or darkens as it ages.

On the move, this medium-sized dog can be described as strong and agile. What's notable about it is that it has double dewclaws per rear leg giving it the semblance of additional toes. This enables it to pivot on one foot for a quick turnaround. Overall, there is balance in its size and built.


Briard Summary
Affection four paws
Cold Tolerance four paws
Ease of Training four paws
Energy level four paws
Exercise Requirements four paws
Friendliness : Children three paws<
Friendliness: Other Animals three paws
Friendliness: Other Pets three paws
Grooming Requirements one paw
Heat Tolerance three paws
Playfulness four paws
Protection Ability three paws
Watchdog Ability four paws

In the language of dog lovers, the Briard is endearingly called "a heart of gold wrapped in fur". Self-explanatory, this implies how the furry Briard is such a loyal, protective creature that bonds closely with its owner.

Equipped with a good memory, this sensitive and obedient dog will retain a lesson learned. It can be strong-minded and stubborn at times, having been used to leading the flock.

Aloof and reserved with strangers, these dogs do not thrive on conflict and intrusion. However, they will be affectionate and accepting towards family members once you've gotten acquainted. To the Briard, you and the rest become part of the flock.

Health and Exercise

The key to socializing with a Briard is for a person to do the right introduction. This training with people should start at an early age so that the dog can cope with different situations and groups of varying ages.

Well-rounded Briards are happy and outgoing dogs who love to be walked, so they should be brought out for exercise and play as often as possible. They are very receptive to training but resent being teased. Most of all, they hate being kept in kennels because they are happiest within the home as part of a family.

Despite years of being domesticated and raised as city-dwellers, their herding instinct will naturally show. These manifest as they nip at your heels, nibble on your ankles, and guide you with their heads as though to herd you along. They would even lead you to their master when ordered to.

Like most large-chested breeds, Briards are prone to bloating and stomach torsion. At the age of 10-12, they are likely to experience hip dysplasia and eye/cataract problems like most older dogs.

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