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Quick facts

Bulldog AKC Group: Non-Sporting
Height: 12-16 Inches
Weight: Male: 53-55 pounds, Female: 49-51 pounds
Colors: Red brindle, solid white, solid red, fawn, fallow, piebald, pale yellow or wash-out red/white
AKC recognized in: 1886

What is easily noticeable about the Bulldog is that its massive head and muscular body contains extra skin exposing the skull and forehead with cascading folds. Everything looks broad and wide with this dog. Its cheeks are extended to the sides of the eyes and also the muzzle is wide but pug while its jaws are broad with hanging upper lips. Its teeth have an under bite. Its ears are small and flapped. Its wrinkled face and pushed-in nose portray a grouchy or sourpuss look.

The Bulldog is a short and stocky dog that grew up from the breed of brachycephalic dogs or dogs with short head taken from the Greek words, Brachy for short and Cephalic for head. Other dog breeds belonging to this category are the short-snouted breeds like the Pug and the Shih Tzu.

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The Bulldog descended from a fighting Mastiff-type breed known as Mollosus, Bandog, or Alaunt. Bulldogs got their name in the gamblers' sport named bull baiting in the 18th century. Bulldogs were uniquely good at this sport because they attacked the bull from underneath, aiming for the neck, which made it hard for the bull to fight back. When this cruel sport was outlawed in 1835, promoters of this breed started breeding to eliminate the fierce characteristics.


Bulldog Summary
Affection five paws
Cold Tolerance one paw
Ease of Training three paws
Energy level two paws
Exercise Requirements two paws
Friendliness : Children four paws
Friendliness: Other Animals three paws
Friendliness: Other Pets three paws
Grooming Requirements three paws
Heat Tolerance one paw
Playfulness three paws
Protection Ability two paws
Watchdog Ability three paws

Some people think that the Bulldog is a lazy and couch potato animal. Its mythical tenacity has turned into loving patience. These dogs are strong-willed and known to possess indeterminable courage. This is why the Bulldog rarely complains and whines. It only barks when necessary and it is not too demanding.

These dogs are adorable even to young children. Many universities and colleges adopt the Bulldog as their schools' mascot.

However, it has an attitude that turns around if the owner has weak leadership. The dog will become aggressive when it knows that it is the one now expected to lead and guard the family. These dogs are basically good guard dogs. When they are puppies, they are full of energy but, as they grow older, they slow down and become complacent.

Health and Exercise

The Bulldog has an average lifespan of 8-12 years. The leading causes of deaths of this breed are cardiac-related (20%), cancer (18%), and old age (9%). It also has the highest incidence of hip dysplasia among all breeds. It has a tendency also to develop luxation of the patella. Interdigital cysts or those that form between the toes are also common among bulldogs.

It is important to know that bulldogs must not be exposed to direct sunlight as it is very sensitive to heat. It needs plenty of water and shade. They like cool floors like tiled and cemented floors. They sweat through the pads of their feet. These dogs dislike extreme cold as well.

Bulldogs are messy eaters and are prone to flatulence when fed with other food than their regular food. Because of their broad heads, usually pups are born by caesarian operation. They have breathing problems and snore loudly because of their small windpipes.

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