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Quick facts

Xoloitzcuintli AKC Group: Non-Sporting
Height: Toy: 10-14 inches
Miniature: 14-18 inches
Standard: 18-23 inches
Weight: Toy: 5-15 pounds
Miniature: 15-30 pounds
Standard: 25-40 pounds
Colors: Dark Brown, Copper & White, Fawn, Brindle, Bronze, Black
AKC recognized in: 2011

The Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced show low eets kweent lee), also spelled Xoloitzcuintle, is more commonly known as the Mexican Hairless or Xolo. This breed is undeniably one of the oldest breeds in existence, dating back over 3,000 years. Ancestors of the Aztec Indians brought hairless dogs with them when they arrived in Mexico from Asia. Xolos were considered sacred dogs by the Aztecs because they believed the dogs were needed by their masters' souls to help them safely through the underworld

While recognized as early as 1887 by the AKC, the Xolo was dropped by that group in 1959, due to breed scarcity, and perhaps extinction. However, the Xoloitzcuintli Club of America (XCA) was founded in October 1986 to regain AKC recognition for the breed. This effort was successful, and the Xoloitzcuintli was readmitted for all three sizes (toy, miniature, and standard) and varieties (hairless and coated) in January of 2011.

Besides the hairless body, the Xolo is recognized by a lean, smooth head, a wrinkled brow, large, thin-skinned ears that stand erect, thick but satiny skin, and a jaunty but low-set tail that wags behind the Xolo but never above his back. There are around 1000 Xolos in the US, and about 30,000 worldwide, so it is indeed a rare breed today.


Xoloitzcuintli Summary
Affection five paws
Cold Tolerance three paws
Ease of Training three paws
Energy level three paws
Exercise Requirements three paws
Friendliness : Children three paws
Friendliness: Other Animals five paws
Friendliness: Other Pets five paws
Grooming Requirements one paw
Heat Tolerance three paws
Playfulness three paws
Protection Ability two paws
Watchdog Ability five paws

Like every dog, the Xoloitzcuintli needs early socialization. Make sure they are exposured to many different people and experiences while they are still young. This will ensure that your Xolo puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog. Having friends visit regularly, as well as taking your Xolo to busy parks, stores that allow dogs, and on leisurely strolls to meet neighbors will also help polish your dog's social skills.

Xolos make excellent watch dogs, and they will alert you of anything they deem a concern. However, they are not nuisance barkers, so if they do bark, it's a good idea to check it out! Xolos are somewhat territorial with other animals intruding on their territory, and, if not properly socialized, can be agressive toward people or animals they do not know.

Health and Exercise

Much of the care given to a Xolo is the result of its most common trait, it is hairless! When let outside, make sure you protect your Xolo from the sun; a good sunscreen will do. Also, do not leave your dog out for long, unless there is shade available for them to shelter. During cold weather, your Xolo will definitely appreciate a sweater when outdoors, but make sure you remove it when they come in, to prevent overheating or skin problems.

The Xolo breed is very hardy and healthy, with no known breed-related health concerns. Despite what you might think, this breeds skin is extremely hardy, and requires little care. In fact, over cleaning or overly applying skin lotion can result in acne problems. So only bathe and apply lotion or sun screen as needed.

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