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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Quick facts

Chesapeake Bay Retriever AKC Group: Sporting
Height: 23-26 inches male, 21-24 inches female
Weight: 65-80 lbs male; 55-70 lbs female
Colors: Brown, red, sedge, tan or dead grass with occasional white spot
AKC recognized in: 1878

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, otherwise known as the Chessie, is one of the most imposing dog breeds you can find out there.

The first thing most people notice about a Chessie is its large, muscular body standing at perfect attention. This poise is made even more apparent by the broad, medium-stop head, tapering but solid muzzle and wide set eyes that define the head and face of a Chessie.

Another winning feature of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is its dense fur coat, which is one of its most prized features. The short, slightly wavy fur coat with just a bit of feathering at the hindquarters adds the finishing touches to a Chessie's regal appearance.

This fur coat also has another trick up its sleeve: it hides a layer of oil underneath it. This layer of natural oil allows the Chessie to dive into sub-freezing waters to retrieve a fallen bird - all without a drop of water touching the Chessie's skin.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever also has webbed feet, specifically designed to help it swim through water with greater ease. It is pretty surprising, considering most other dogs have paws with no such webbing in the first place.


Chesapeake Bay Retriever Summary
Affection four paws
Cold Tolerance four paws
Ease of Training three paws
Energy level three paws
Exercise Requirements three paws
Friendliness : Children three paws
Friendliness: Other Animals three paws
Friendliness: Other Pets three paws
Grooming Requirements two paws
Heat Tolerance three paws
Playfulness four paws
Protection Ability three paws
Watchdog Ability four paws

You will notice four key traits when you first own a Chesapeake Bay Retriever: courage, intelligence, obedience and a peculiar love of water.

Like most other Retrievers, the Chessie is a good choice for both hunting and companionship. Their quick thinking and natural affinity for water makes them excellent gundogs, while their obedience and eagerness to please makes them a very reliable friend.

There are, however, two requirements for an owner to bring out the best in their Chessie. One is confidence, and the other is communication.

Chessies has a tendency to be willful if you do not firmly establish yourself as the alpha male (or alpha female, depending on your gender.) A failure to do so will result in your Chessie becoming aggressive, territorial and prone to doing things on its own.

This is not something you want to happen, considering the size and muscular build of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

You also need to communicate with your Chessie on a regular basis by playing or interacting with it. You need to reinforce the bond that you share with this particular type of dog.

Health and Exercise

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a life span of between 12 and 13 years.

Exercise is the best medicine for a Chessie, both for its mind and for its body.

A healthy dose of vigorous activity like brisk walking or swimming, if possible, will help your Chessie stay strong and muscular while letting out some of its pent-up energy. Just make sure to walk in front of your dog, as this will reinforce your role as the pack leader.

On another point of view, the only genetic vulnerabilities that the Chesapeake Bay Retriever faces are eye problems and hip dysplasia. These are not exactly life-threatening diseases, and a bi-annual checkup will be more than enough to help keep your Chessie disease-free and in tip-top condition.

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