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Field Spaniel

Quick facts

Field Spaniel AKC Group: Sporting
Height: Male: 17 – 19 inches; Female: 16 – 18 inches
Weight: 35 – 50 pounds
Colors: black, liver, folden liver; solid or bicolored
AKC recognized in: 1894

Field spaniels have thick and beautiful coats with noticeable feathering on their chests, legs, and buttocks. Their ears hand down to their eyes, mostly covered with feathered hair. Aside from their beauty and exquisiteness, they are also known for their shrewdness and persistence. Their compact and medium-sized bodies are ideal for activities in dense forest covers and water. They are endowed with excellent determination, which makes them persistent enough when they try to penetrate the densest forest covers.

What makes a Field spaniel special? Actually, they are very rare breeds of spaniels. There was even a time when they nearly became extinct. Today, they remain rare because of the unbeatable popularity of Cocker spaniels.

The very first Field spaniels originated in England during the 1800's. They used to be classified as English cocker spaniels, and they were used to retrieve and catch water and land prey. Eventually, they became recognized as a separate breed. Spaniels weighing above 25 pounds were classified as Field spaniels, while those weighing less than 25 pounds were considered as English Cocker Spaniels. The AKC recognized their existence in 1894.

Pet lovers would love to own this dog breed not only because they are rare, but also because they are pleasing and affectionate companions. They are ideal companions for activities like tracking, hunting, and retrieving. They are also reputable watchdogs.


Field Spaniel Summary
Affection five paws
Cold Tolerance three paws
Ease of Training four paws
Energy level four paws
Exercise Requirements four paws
Friendliness : Children four paws
Friendliness: Other Animals three paws
Friendliness: Other Pets five paws
Grooming Requirements three paws
Heat Tolerance three paws
Playfulness four paws
Protection Ability two paws
Watchdog Ability four paws

Field Spaniels are one of the most active and strong kinds of spaniels. They are charming, affectionate, and playful. Kids would love their company because of their easy-going and good-humored nature. They are popular for being independent and quiet, which makes them ideal pets for any household.

Despite their ability to socialize well with other dogs, animals, and people, they are not pleased with rough play. They are very sensitive, and harsh words and tough approaches would easily hurt them.

They are not ideal for apartment life. They tend to stay active indoors, and they enjoy roaming and running around a large yard. They must not be placed in cages because this would make them aggressive. Since they have strong hunting instincts that make them go after any appealing scent, it would be best for its owners to have strong fences around their property.

Health and Exercise

Field spaniels are able to adapt better in cold climates. They have an average life span of about 10-12 years, if their owners take care of them well. They are vulnerable to hip dysplasia, as well as ear infections. Their ears must be regularly checked, especially during the summertime.

Because they are working field dogs, they must be given lots of exercise. A family who engages themselves with different sports is definitely compatible with an active field spaniel. A house with a large backyard would be best for them because they love to run around and explore things around them.

Their coats should be brushed and combed once or twice every week. Excess hair should be cut off every few months. Their ears must be given lots of attention since they are prone to ear infections.

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