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English Toy Spaniel

Quick facts

English Toy Spaniel AKC Group: Toy
Height: 10 - 11 inches
Weight: 8 - 14 pounds,
Colors: Ruby red, black and Tan, white/red marks, white/black and tan marks
AKC recognized in: 1886

The English Toy Spaniel has roots in the minute sporting spaniels that were favored for use in hunting expeditions by English Nobility. Such was the versatility of the breed that it was named after King Charles II himself, in honor of its services rendered to the royal family. It was known as the King Charles Spaniel since then, and only in North America is it called differently, the English Toy Spaniel. Further down the line, the original breed was crossed with short-muzzled canines from the Orient, which produced the now-famous shape of the breed.

Notably the smallest of all the Spaniel breeds, the English Toy Spaniel is square built, very compact, and extremely sturdy and hardy. The distinctive features of this breed are its short muzzle and characteristically domed head. Perhaps due to the exposure to royalty of its forebears, the English Toy Spaniel exhibits finesse and nobility in its stride.


English Toy Spaniel Summary
Affection two paws
Cold Tolerance three paws
Ease of Training three paws
Energy level one paw
Exercise Requirements one paw
Friendliness : Children three paws
Friendliness: Other Animals four paws
Friendliness: Other Pets four paws
Grooming Requirements three paws
Heat Tolerance one paw
Playfulness three paws
Protection Ability one paw
Watchdog Ability four paws

The English Toy Spaniel is capable of showing immense love and can be gentle and caring in its ways. The breed is very affectionate and devoted to its family, wanting always to be with them, and experiences separation anxiety if apart from its owners for long periods of time.

Being characteristically affectionate and gentle, the English Toy Spaniel can get along with older children, along with other pets in the household. Typically non-demanding, the English Toy Spaniel does not require immense amounts of cuddling and petting, being content merely being close to its owners and companions, making it ideal for families. To fully integrate the English Toy Spaniel into the home, socialization is a must. The breed has to get familiarized with its dwellings in order for it to function well in the future within its new confines.

Intelligent and always eager to please, the English toy Spaniel is highly trainable, requiring a minimum learning curve when it comes to acquiring new tricks and skills. The breed, however, has a tendency to be very forceful and bull-headed if it has gotten used to getting its way. Show dominance, however, and he willfully submits, making for painless companionship all the way.

Health and Exercise

English Toy Spaniels live an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

The English Toy Spaniel tends to shed, so regular brushing is suggested for minimal hair loss. When bathing him, a mild shampoo should be used. Cleaning the ears, along with the areas surrounding the eyes is also a must in order to keep disease and sickness at bay.

Having a short nose has its disadvantages, such as having a susceptibility to respiratory problems, along with wheezing and snoring. The English Toy Spaniel has also been shown to be likely candidates for heart disease if not protected or taken care of.

This breed is very vulnerable to extreme weather, whether hot or cold, and should be protected accordingly. Also, extreme action and exercise should be avoided, in order for it to fully recover after exertion.

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