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Quick facts

Havanese AKC Group: Toy
Height: 8 - 11 inches
Weight: 7 - 13 pounds,
Colors: Tri-colored, cream, gold, silver, champagne, tan, or black
AKC recognized in: 1996

The Havanese is definitely a delightful critter to have around. Havanese are curious, playful, and intelligent. They live for friendship and companionship and are most certainly suited for close contact with children. That said, the Havanese are great watchdogs, alerting their families whenever there is danger or simply because there are new, unfamiliar people around.

This breed is very joyful and caring. True companions, they adore being part of a family. Socially adept and affectionate, they tend to stick to persons who give them attention and care.

Having a relatively low shedding double coat and being characteristically non-odorous, this breed is highly suitable for dog lovers that are hampered from keeping them due to allergies and sensitivity to irritants.

The Havenese hair is soft, long and abundant. Its coat may range from very straight to overly curly and reach a length of an average of six to eight inches, give or take. They come in an assortment of colors from an angelic white to cream, deep black, shiny silver, chocolatey brown, or tri-colored.


Havanese Summary
Affection five paws
Cold Tolerance two paws
Ease of Training four paws
Energy level four paws
Exercise Requirements three paws
Friendliness : Children four paws
Friendliness: Other Animals four paws
Friendliness: Other Pets four paws
Grooming Requirements three paws
Heat Tolerance three paws
Playfulness five paws
Protection Ability one paw
Watchdog Ability four paws

Being a highly devoted breed, the qualities that endear the Havanese to its owners are also the traits that make it seem impossible to leave them alone for long periods of time. They cannot be left alone as this makes them feel vulnerable and lonesome.

Havanese also have a knack for being well-behaved when in the company of children, even forming deep bonds with them. This however, does not mean that they are possessive or become highly attached. They simply love the company of people, large or small.

Health and Exercise

Havaneses live an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

The coat of the Havanese requires combing and brushing at least two times every week. This can be made easier if its coat is trimmed to a more manageable length. Its ears also need to be checked regularly, making sure that they remain clean and moisture free. Although susceptible to eye disease, the surrounding area of the eyes simply need to be maintained clean to an onset of such illnesses. For early tooth loss to be prevented, brush the Havenese's teeth weekly.

The Havanese does well in obedience training as well as agility activities, it being very curious and eager to learn. It would do best to let them swim and enjoy water sports.

Highly teachable, The Havanese bask in the glory of doing tricks, so it would be advisable to teach them a repertoire of skills that showcase this natural talent and need.

The Havanese are also great as therapy dogs, where their natural traits of being sweet and loving shine through in caring and looking out for its master.

Apartment dwellers need not fret when it comes to their Havenese adapting to such an environment, as in houses with less than considerable yards. Feeling happy by merely being with its human counterparts, the Havanese need only moderate indoor activities to keep it from getting bored.

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