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4health dog food discussion and overall rating    
three and a half stars

4health dog food is a private label dog food made exclusively for Tractor Supply Company, which has over 1000 locations in the US. Tractor Supply Company launched this dog food brand in early 2010. Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. manufactues all the grain based varieties of dog food, and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition manufactures the grain-free varieties.

Since the launch of 4health, there has been one voluntary recall in May of 2012, due to Salmonella. Diamond Pet Foods, however, has had many recalls in recent history.

Since 4health is a private label dog food, it is harder to find information on it than it is for most of the national brands. However, the company does provide all the ingredients and analyses on its website, so it is better than some private label dog foods.

Since a lot of different meat meals are contained in 4health products, ethoxyquin may be a concern to some of the customers, since ethoxyquin can cause damage to your dogs liver. However, 4health denies that any of their products contain ethoxyquin. From the Diamond Petfood website:

Diamond Pet Foods sources all protein meals (chicken meal, fish meal, etc) from vendors that do not use ethoxyquin. As always, only natural preservatives are used in our manufacturing process to preserve the foods.

With the exception of the Healthy Weight formula, all products in the 4heath dog food line contain a large percentage of animal protein in their ingredients, with the top two ingredients being a specific meat or meat by-product. Since dogs are carnivores, their systems utilize meat proteins much more efficiently than plant proteins. This abundance of meat proteins allows 4health to obtain an above average overall rating.

Specific 4health product reviews

The following varieties of dog food are provided by 4health:

4health also has the following grain free varieties of dog food:

  • Grain Free Beef & Potato
  • Grain Free Whitefish & Potato
  • Grain Free Turkey & Potato
  • Grain Free Duck & Potato
  • Grain Free Pork & Potato

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This is your chance to add your feedback. Is your dog currently eating 4health dog food? Have you noticed any changes in your dog since you started feeding 4health? Have any further questions not answered here? Let us know your thoughts.

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