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What to look for when reviewing dry dog food

Everyone wants to feed their dog the best possible dog food available. Some even go as far as preparing it themselves or feeding a raw food diet. But the vast majority feed their companions commercial dog food. Commercials for each brand all claim to be the best, most nutritious choice, but that most likely is very prejudicial. That makes it hard to determine which brand offers best dry food for dogs.

This site presents raw dog food reviews based on its ingredient list and guaranteed analyses, which can normally be found online and is required to be on each bag of dog food. Hopefully, reading the reviews will take the mystery out of that ingredient list.

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nation has currently reviewed 33 dog food formulas representing 8 brands.

Reviews are first broken down by brand name. If more than one product exists for a brand name, the initial review will link to the additional products, with each page linking back to this page, so hopefully you find navigating to the different reviews easy and pleasurable.

So let's get started. Here are the brands that have currently been reviewed.:

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