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A Guide To Raw Dog Food

These days, we are seeing diseases in animals that did not exist a few years ago. Most of these conditions can be traced to the various sources of nutrition. In a study conducted in Stockholm, when processed and cooked food was fed to the young animals, they appeared healthy initially. But, by the time these animals reached adulthood, they started showing the signs of aging more quickly compared to other animals, and they also developed some chronic degenerative disease symptoms.

In most of the readymade dog foods, even the best ones, the nutrients are altered, and destroyed by processing, heat, preservatives, coloring and use of other chemicals. These factors cause waste toxins to get accumulated in the lymphs, blood and tissue, making the immune system weak.

Benefits Of a Raw Dog Food Diet

Like humans, dogs need amino acids, enzymes and various other nutrients that are available in raw dog food brands to stay healthy. The deficiency of these essential nutrients and raw animal fat can cause many coat and skin problems. 30% of animals diet should be raw fat, as their system is not designed to digest cooked fat or meat. Most dog owners worry about the bacteria and parasites that are present on the raw meat, but dogs don't get salmonella poisoning due to high acidic levels in their digestive system that kills everything.

Dogs need raw dog food to strengthen their immune system; their diet should be similar to what they get in the wild. The food given to dogs should be able to provide all the essential nutritional components that the body needs to maintain good health.

Raw Dog Foods

Handling Raw Dog Food

You should handle the frozen raw dog food very carefully, and make sure to wash your hands after handling raw meat or poultry. Try not to use the kitchen counter, and if it is used, disinfect it using the appropriate cleaner after the use. A mixture of vinegar and warm water can be used for sanitization.

When the raw dog food is frozen, the bacteria doesn't multiply, and may decrease due to freezing temperature. When the frozen food begins to thaw, bacteria starts multiplying again, so it must be fed as soon as it is thawed. After feeding raw dog food, wash all the dishes using hot soapy water, and discard the leftovers immediately. For best cleaning ability, use ceramic, glass or stainless steel bowls.

The cost of the best raw dog food is definitely higher, but it is worth it, as it saves a lot on vet trips. Raw dog food will keep the dog healthy, active, and happy in the longer run.

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