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Raw Dog Food Diet

I am sure that the health of your dog is one of your biggest concerns. That is why you are constantly looking for the foods and recipes that are able to provide all the essential nutrients for your dog. With all the choices available, it has always been hard to determine which diet is best for the dogs.

However, after feeding their dogs with readymade dog food for years, many dog owners are now realizing the problems associated with it. They are seeing diseases and symptoms that did not exist a few years ago. This is forcing dog owners and vets to find the causes for these diseases and symptoms, and fine an effective way to deal with them.

Benefits of a Raw dog Food Diet

A raw dog food diet is rich in living enzymes that are beneficial for the body. If the food is processed or cooked, there are no living enzymes anymore, and such foods put more stress on the pancreas to make necessary proteins required by the body. Living enzymes that are present in the raw dog food diet repair, restore and maintain good health. Animals eat raw unprocessed foods to replenish these enzymes that ensure a healthy and long lifespan.

Raw Dog Foods

A raw dog food diet also helps in improving teeth, minimizing tartar buildup, and keeping the teeth clean and healthy. If dogs are fed grain-based diets, it can cause various periodontal problems that can be avoided by feeding them with a raw dog food diet. This diet also keeps the skin and coat healthy. Raw dog food strengthens and normalizes the immune system as it contains a good balance of nutrients and essential fatty acids.

Dog owners who give a raw dog food diet to their older dogs also feel that the degenerative diseases that their dogs had earlier become less of a problem as raw food reverses various aggravating degenerative conditions, giving relief from various illnesses. The raw dog food diet also reduces the volume and odor of stools that indicates a healthy and improved digestion cycle. Raw dog food is easily digested by animals as compared to grain diets, helping in complete digestion of nutrients.

Raw Dog Foods - Chicken

A raw dog food diet also helps the dog lose the unwanted fat in the body and increase the muscle mass. This makes the dog look better, increases the metabolic rate and increases the activity level and life span.

One of the most common mistakes made by dog owners in making a raw dog food recipe is feeding the meat without bones, and it can be disastrous for the dogs. Meat has no calcium but has lots of phosphorous, bones are rich in calcium, eggs have phosphorous and shells are rich in calcium. Nature has balanced it this way, and if we give eggs without shells or meat without bones, the ratio of nutrients is disturbed. It is therefore very important to know the exact nutritional needs of the dogs, and follow them precisely.

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