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Dog Rescue or Shelter of the Year Contest Nomination

Nominate your favorite dog rescue or shelter using the form below. If your nomination becomes the winner, they will receive a suitable award image for their website, as well as $500, credited in your name.

The rules are pretty simple. They are:

  • The shelter must have a website. This is where I will go to make the donation using their supplied link.
  • The shelter must be certified as a non-profit organization (typically 501c3).
  • You must confirm your nomination. When you submit, we will send an email to your email address that you provided with a link that you must eiter click or paste into a browser to confirm your nomination. This will serve to verify your email address so we can send you notice when voting begins and if your nomination is one of the winners. Your email will not be used for any other purposes, and will not be sold, given away or otherwise disclosed. We hate spam too!

* indicates a required field.

Tell us about your favorite rescue/shelter

Now tell us a little about you. Don't worry, this information is safe with us! We hate spam as much as you do, and will only use the following information for reasons directly related to this contest.

If you do not want your full name displayed during the voting, enter a desired display name below.

We will not use your email for anything except notifying you when the contest voting starts and whether your rescue won.

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