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2015 Best Friend’s Friend Contest winners

2015 marked the second Best Friend’s Friend contest, with over 100 nominations, which was narrowed down to the three best for the year. This page is dedicated to those winners.

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Best Friend’ss Friend Contest winners

The Sighthound Underground
The Sighthound Underground
Friends of Homeless Animals
Friends of Homeless Animals
Great Lakes Boxer Rescue
Great Lakes Boxer Rescue

First place - The Sighthound Underground (SHUG)

The Sighthound Underground (SHUG), in McLean, Virginia, was nominated by Wendy Scarborough, who also volunteers for the rescue. Here is what she had to say about SHUG:

Shug cares for all Sighthounds. Any long nose, skinny, tall legged in need, from medical needs to rehoming or rescue and adoptions. They have no boarders when it comes to saving a dog. Small group accomplishing amazing rescue!

The Sighthound Underground (SHUG), as the name implies, is dedicated to re-homing many different breeds classified as sighthounds. Sighthounds respond to prey they actually see, as opposed to scenthounds, which respond to prey they can smell. The goal of SHUG is to have a nationwide, and even international, net of rescues. They currently adopt to loving families throughout the US and in Canada.

Second place - Friends of Homeless Animals

Friends of Homeless Animals, in Providence, Rhode Island, was nominated by Kimberley Paderson. Here is what she had to say about Friends of Homeless Animals:

I rescued my sweet dog from Friends of Homeless Animals 2.5 years ago & her Foster Mom was amazing. I would love to be able to help this shelter since I had such a great experience working with them.

Friends of Homeless Animals Rhode Island (FOHA RI), specializes in Boston Terriers and other small dogs. While located in Rhode Island, they have saved and adopted out small dogs throughout New England and even more. The President, Roie Griego, has been involved in rescuing small dogs for over 25 years.

Third place - Great Lakes Boxer Rescue

Great Lakes Boxer Rescue, in Lake Ann, Michigan, was nominated by Lisa Michelle. Here is what she had to say about Great Lakes Boxer Rescue:

Great Lakes Boxer Rescue not only helps boxers and boxer mixes in need they also help the sick, elderly and unwanted boxers and boxer mixes that other rescues overlook. They are a all volunteer 501c3 rescue group that truly look out for the best of every dog they are able to rescue.

Shelley Desmond, the President of Great Lakes Boxer Rescue, was kind enough to send more information about her organization that speaks much better than I can summarize their great accomplishments. Here is what she had to say:

One thing about our group that we take pride in is we specialize in taking in very sick dogs and the senior dogs. We LOVE our seniors. We want to help the dogs that other rescues or individuals fail or don’t want to deal with. All of our foster dogs are placed in foster homes, and we keep each dog a minimum of three weeks, so we can see if there are any “quirks” or issues that need to be worked with. And of course, if a dog has severe medical issues, sometimes they are with us for several months. We have taken in several heart worm positive dogs just in the past year. We have a wonderful group of 55 volunteers who keep this rescue going and growing. This group couldn’t exist without the dedication of so many.

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