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Hawaii Dog Shelters and Rescues

Currently there are 6 websites listed for this state. Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR)

East Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR)

The East Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR) is a no-kill, all volunteer run, non profit, rehabilitation sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals who would otherwise die. As all the animals have come to EMAR with injuries or 'boo boos' of one type or another, the Refuge has come to be known as the 'Boo Boo Zoo'.

Address: 25 Maluaina Place
Haiku, Hawaii 96708
Phone: (808)-572-8308 Animal Sanctuary

Hawaii Animal Sanctuary

The Hawaii Animal Sanctuary is A No-Kill Shelter that specializes in caring for abused, abandoned, handicapped and terminally ill animals. A safe haven is provided for as many animals as their resources allow. The guests/residents at the Sanctuary, affectionately called 'the Gang', are usually with the Sanctuary for their life time.

Address: PO Box 1802
Kailua, Hawaii 96734
Phone: None Kokua

K9 Kokua

We believe that every dog deserves a chance at a life of feeling no hunger pains, has access to medical care and the right to live in safety. We visit and provide care for the dogs that live with the houseless population on Oahu and Maui. We also assist dogs of the financially destitute and those affected by domestic violence.

Address: PO Box 2471
Waianae, Hawaii 96792
Phone: (808) 853-7267 Resort Dog Rescue

Last Resort Dog Rescue

We started rescuing animals in the 1950's and have had shelters and done fostering in New York, California, Canada and Hawaii. Mary Sternberg who started this was the recipient of a Bill Clinton presidential award for her work with animal rights. She also was an animal rights novelist and activist. The family is continuing her work. Presently we are saving animals one at a time making a difference in the life of each animal we take in.

Address: PO Box 1309
Kihei, HI 96753
Phone: (808) 769-6767 SPCA


The Oahu SPCA is the primary organization on Oahu that fosters or shelters companion animals, enabling the homeless to enter into housing facilities. The proximity of our Shelter to Kumunonua Transitional Housing in Kapolei allows the people in residence there the opportunity to visit and care for their companion animals, just blocks away.

Address: 91-153 Hanua Street
Kapolei, HI 96707
Phone: (808) 753-7060 Dogs and Popoki (PDP)

Poi Dogs and Popoki (PDP)

POI DOGS & POPOKI (PDP) is not a traditional 'rescue' organization. Many of these rescue organizations, in their zealousness to save animals that they consider to be abused and neglected, offer little help to pet owners who want to do better by their pets, but who may lack the tools, resources, funding and even knowledge to actually do better. That is where we fit in.

Address: PO Box 75345
Kapolei, HI 96707
Phone: (808) 551-7915

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