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Adopt-A-Pet is an animal shelter and adoption agency dedicated to saving the lives of lost, abandoned or otherwise homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. We were founded in 1981, and have since saved the lives of over 15,000 animals. All Adopt-A-Pet animals remain with us for as long as it takes to find them suitable permanent new homes.

Address: PO Box 408
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Phone: (847) 550-9690 Rescue

ALIVE Rescue

ALIVE Rescue is an Animal Rescue that protects the lives and the welfare of animals. We believe every animal has the right to a well-balanced, socialized and fulfilled life. We take on the responsibility to save, rehabilitate and place abandoned, abused and stray animals. We provide medical, behavioral and physical support for animals despite their age, health and/or breed.

Address: 2227 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60618
Phone: (773) 913-8100 House Shelter

Animal House Shelter

We do not believe that any animal should be left to be euthanized at a high kill facility because they are sick or injured. Society has already failed them at one point in time and someone needs to speak up and rescue those that are defenseless and without a voice. That is who we are are and that is what Animal House Shelter has always been about.

Address: 13005 Ernesti Rd
Huntley, IL 60142
Phone: (847) 961-5541 Outreach Humane Society of McHenry County

Animal Outreach Humane Society of McHenry County

Animal Outreach Humane Society will help McHenry County become a community where no adoptable and/or treatable animal or healthy feral cat is euthanized. This will be accomplished by creating, funding, and managing proactive programs which prevent unwanted animals, educating the community on the problems of pet overpopulation, and housing adoptive animals until a home can be found for them.

Address: PO Box 396
McHenry, IL 60051
Phone: (815) 385-0005 Protective League

Animal Protective League

APL strives to match animals with carefully screened, loving, permanent owners. All animals leave our shelter spayed or neutered, microchipped, and with all vaccinations. Over 2000 deserving dogs and cats were placed in their forever homes in 2008. APL also has an active group of foster families who provide interim homes until space is available at our shelter.

Address: 1001 Taintor Road
Springfield, IL 62702
Phone: (217) 544-7387 Deserving Of Proper Treatment

Animals Deserving Of Proper Treatment

Animals Deserving Of Proper Treatment (ADOPT) Pet Shelter is located in Naperville, IL. We are a private, no-kill organization that provides temporary shelter and care to dogs and cats in search of their forever home. Finding homes for our voiceless animals is a priority for us.

Address: 420 Industrial Drive
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: (630) 355-2299 Animal Foundation

Assisi Animal Foundation

The Assisi Animal Foundation (AAF) is dedicated to providing shelter, care and, when appropriate, re-homing suitable animals to caring, permanent homes. We abide by a no-kill policy, which allows for euthanasia only under professional veterinary assessment, recommendation and administration in cases of terminal illness which cause suffering, in cases of injury too severe to repair, or in cases of such severe aggression that it is a threat to other shelter residents and caregivers is present.

Address: PO Box 143
Crystal Lake, IL 60039
Phone: (815) 455-9411 Adopt-A-Pet

Benld Adopt-A-Pet

Back in 1983, Lorraine and Marvin Little saw the need to help abandoned animals in their community. Working from their own residence, they took in strays and found homes for them. The couple couldn't bear to see the animals euthanized when they weren't claimed or adopted, so they took their own savings and built the original building and eight runs for dogs.

Address: 807 Stewart Road
Benld IL 62009
Phone: (217) 835-2538 Illinois Small Animal Rescue

Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue

We believe every animal has a right to life. We do not discriminate against breed, disposition, color, temperament or age. We take in abused, abandoned, mistreated, unwanted animals that need a loving home and rehabilitate them and show them love and affection so they can bless some family with a wonderful pet.

Address: 29738 E. 1400 N. Road
Colfax, IL 61728
Phone: (309) 724-8241 Animal Rescue Effort

Community Animal Rescue Effort

Community Animal Rescue Effort (CARE™) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization with a mission to serve the communities of Chicago's North Shore by fostering and supporting healthy, positive relationships between people and companion animals. C.A.R.E. rehomes companion pets into safe, healthy, lifelong homes; serves as an educational and counseling resource; and works to reduce pet overpopulation.

Address: PO Box 1964
Evanston, IL 60204
Phone: (847) 705-2653 Animals in a Safe Haven

Domestic Animals in a Safe Haven

Domestic Animals in a Safe Haven is a no kill shelter for dogs and cats located near Centralia, IL. Our mission is to see every one of our rescues placed in forever, loving homes. We are part of a growing grassroots effort across the country to provide no kill shelters in underserved communities.

Address: 4200 E. Nursery Road
Centralia, IL 62801
Phone: (618) 249-6503 Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance

Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance

Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance is guided by a simple quote by Gandhi: 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated'. Famous Fido Rescue is a grassroots effort to end kill shelters and to promote animal rescue and adoption - we work to rescue animals who aren't considered adoptable from abuse and euthanasia and we work to connect these animals with safe, loving homes.

Address: 5430 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL. 60640
Phone: (773) 907-0305 Pet Outreach (Peoria)

Foster Pet Outreach (Peoria)

Foster Pet Outreach (Peoria) is a shelter alternative that rescues and rehabilitates dogs and cats in need by use of foster homes. We provide education and guidance to promote responsible pet guardianship.

Address: P.O. Box 5084
Peoria, IL 61601
Phone: (309) 682-1122 Start Animal Rescue

Fresh Start Animal Rescue

We are a No-kill Animal rescue located in Belvidere, Illinois. We work with high-kill animal shelters and animal control facilities where the animals just don't have much of a chance to find a loving home and live a full and happy life.

Address: 1237 Logan Avenue
Belvidere, IL 61008
Phone: (815) 572-2481 of Strays

Friends of Strays

Founded in 1994, by Bonnie Doty and a small group of dedicated volunteers, Friends of Strays Animal Shelter provides rescue, rehabilitation, shelter and adoption services for more than a thousand abandoned, neglected or abused animals annually, primarily dogs and cats. Friends of Strays also works with local veterinarians and animal control to curb the unnecessary killing of adoptable pets by taking those scheduled to be euthanized and caring for them until a new home can be found.

Address: 2845 North Main Street
Princeton, Illinois 61356
Phone: (815) 872-7387

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