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Currently there are 17 websites listed for this state.

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Second Chance Dog Rescue

We work with shelters, other rescues, private owners and breeders, taking in dogs that need to find new homes for whatever the reason. When a dog comes into Second Chance, his future begins. The dog's past is over. Our first goal for a new dog is to work with our veterinarian, Dr. Burke, to get the dog as healthy as possible. We then work on socializing the dogs, potty training, basic commands and leash training.

Address: 4803 Lisbon Street
Prole, IA 50229
Phone: (641) 297-2137 Canine Center

TLC Canine Center

The TLC Canine Center in Newell, Iowa, is a shelter for homeless and abused dogs. TLC dogs are not caged. They all have heated and cooled indoor homelike rooms with pet doors giving them access to outside yards. We are a small facility with space for about 24 dogs, so there is never enough room for all the dogs that need care.

Address: PO Box 373
Newell, IA 50568
Phone: None

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