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Currently there are 5 websites listed for Montana. Humane Society of Western Montana

Humane Society of Western Montana

The Humane Society of Western Montana was incorporated in 1963 as the Missoula Humane Society. Historically, the Humane Society saw over 8,000 animals a year. But through the efforts of our members and founders, rallying for responsible pet ownership and spaying and neutering, these numbers have declined to around 1,350 animals annually. We are committed to Saving Every Animal Every Time.

Address: 5930 Hwy 93 South
Missoula, MT 59804
Phone: (406) 549-3934 No Kill Adoption Center

AniMeals No Kill Adoption Center

AniMeals exists as a food bank for animals and a No-Kill Adoption Center. We supplement the food needs of the homeless animals in the care of shelters and rescue groups, pets of the homebound/disabled, caregivers of feral cat colonies and animals living on the streets. We have served over 1.5 million meals in the last five years and saved the lives of countless animals. Our territory covers all of Montana.

Address: 1700 Rankin Street
Missoula, MT 59808
Phone: (406) 721-4710 of the Valley Animal Shelter

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter has an open door policy and does not euthanize for space or length of time. Being an open door shelter means that HOV accepts any lost, abandoned or surrendered companion animals (cats or dogs) from anywhere. The animals arrive at HOV for all sorts of reasons and in every imaginable condition.

Address: 1549 E. Cameron Bridge Rd
Bozeman MT 59719
Phone: (406) 388-9399 for Homeless Pets

Help for Homeless Pets

Founded in 1998, Help for Homeless Pets is a no-kill organization with two main goals: To find permanent homes for homeless animals and to promote spaying and neutering, thereby reducing the tragic consequences of pet overpopulation. HHP does not euthanize animals. Instead, we provide shelter in our kennel, or in a foster home, until a permanent home for them can be found. We can house 100 cats and 40 dogs and puppies.

Address: 2910 Hannon Road
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: (406) 896-1700 Society Animal Adoption Center

Humane Society Animal Adoption Center

The mission of the Humane Society Animal Adoption Center is to promote compassionate care, perpetuate the bond between animals and humans and end the destruction of healthy adoptable pets so that every animal finds a loving home.

Address: PO Box 221
Kalispell, MT 59903
Phone: (406) 752-7297

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