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Clicker Training Dog Treats: Proper Use And Selection

One of the main key elements in clicker training is the dog treats. By establishing a solid foundation between the 'click' and the 'dog treats', your dog's training can become a fun and exciting experience, and not to mention, very fruitful. Therefore, giving appropriate attention to the correct use and proper selection of the dog treat to use is very crucial to the success of clicker training.

The main function of treats is to give the dog something that he can look forward to as a reward. If he knows that obeying a command will earn him a click which in turn will result in a delicious treat, then he will always be more than willing to perfect each command. Without this key element, the dog will not find clicker training as worth his while. He needs something to expect, something he will earn from the process.

Some people however voice doubts that this leads to a bribery attitude. They argue that the dog will only obey a command in the presence of a treat, and when they know that their trainer has no treat in hand, they will not bother obey at all. Straight to point, this can be somewhat true, but only if the training is incorrect. This undesirable result is not the fault of the dog but an error on the part of the owner of the trainer.

To avoid this from happening, the trainer must use to learn different kinds of treats other than food. Certainly, dog treats should not only be limited to foods. It can take many forms such as petting, giving attention, giving a toy, or allowing the dog to things he likes to do. In fact, some dogs respond better to non-food treats. The key here is to know what makes your dog happy and use that as a treat.

Getting your dog used to receiving varied treats is also helpful in his training. This way, whenever you ran out of one kind of treat, you still have something else up your sleeves. So do not limit your self to just foods. However, more often than not, you would still be using food treats in your dog's clicker training. So it is best to learn the best one to choose and how to use them properly.

When it comes to giving treats, what you need to avoid is feeding your dog too much. This can lead to obesity. This danger is higher during the first stages of training when your dog is training more frequently and receiving treats more often. So make sure that each bite is appropriately sized. An M&M sized treat should be good enough for a regular sized dog.

You can also find a wide selection of treats in the market. It is recommended however that you buy home-made treats from dog treat bakeries instead of the commercial ones. These are safer alternatives and most likely do not contain any preservatives and other harmful chemicals. And when it comes to choosing the right variety, you should remember that each dog has their individual favorite. Just know which one your dog prefers and go for that one.

By choosing the right treat, and knowing how to introduce them to your dog properly, no clicker training is likely to fail. Try a lot of variety to make this a fun and exciting experience both for you and your dog.

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